Chondroprotectors or how to prevent joint problems

Chondroprotectors or how to prevent joint problems

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Health. Interesting topic?

One of the important aspects of our health is our frame, on which, roughly speaking, the whole body is attached. Our skeleton is a musculoskeletal system: skeleton, ligaments, joints. And first of all, in most cases, it is joints and ligaments that become unusable, since most of the movement falls on them. To prevent joint destruction, you just need to eat enough protein, minerals and vitamin, to get the daily norm of macronutrients (bju).

But what if the joint is already inflamed and begins to collapse?

Here chondroprotectors come to the rescue. Chondroprotectors usually include 3 amino acids that make up our joints and ligaments — chondroitin, glucosamine and collagen, but other ingredients may be added depending on the manufacturer.

The nutrition of our joints is diffuse. That is, they do not have their own vessels for the delivery of nutrients, but they receive them from nearby soft tissues fed by blood and lymph vessels. The better the blood circulation, the more nutrients get into the joint we need.

Conclusion — we take chondroprotectors and perform moderate physical exercises.

In this way, we will send nutrients to repair our joint. But for better circulation of blood vessels and relieve discomfort, you also need to remove inflammation. Pharmacy drugs are certainly cool, but they have a number of side effects and act temporarily for a short period only removing the consequences.

Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory working substance. Therefore, I advise you to choose a chondroprotector, which includes turmeric, or buy as seasoning and shove everywhere — porridge, meat, cake, pie, tea, coffee

Also anti-inflammatory (and not only) is omega 3 fish oil (namely fish oil).

Conclusion — if you want to be healthy initially — eat well and keep your muscle corset in good shape.

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